Report of the Seventh Round


The meetings of the 7th round of World Team Chess Championship took place in Tsaghkadzor. Obviously the confrontation of 2 leaders - the teams of China and Ukraine, was central and ended in peace with the score 2 : 2. Each side had a victory. In the staff of the Ukrainians Ivanchuk took a victory, in the Chinese team  Bu Xiangzhi restored the score. 

The team of India was found stronger in the match Cuba - India taking victory with the minimum score 1.5 : 2.5. Vidit Santosh playing over the 4th board provided the Indians with victory. Due to the  victory taken  over Sergey Karjakin the Armenian team also took victory competting against the team of Russia with the score 1.5 : 2.5. The Hungarians took victory over the team of Egypt with the score 2.5 : 1.5, the team of USA was found stronger in the match USA - Israel again with the score 2.5 : 1.5.

After played 7 rounds the teams of China and Ukraine are still leading.

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